• Amanda Guarino Blais

Providence Pedestrian Bridge Engagement Session

Monday I had the opportunity to capture Greg and Michelle's engagement session in anticipation of their wedding on September 25th. Not only were they just the cutest but they brought along their rescue dog Jefe and let me tell you, he put my dog Memphis' obedience skills to shame!

There are so many reason's why I loved this session. Not only did we have the perfect weather (80 and breezy) but the lighting was on point (hence why I am so big on shooting during golden hour!) Yet, the best part for me was getting a chance to really learn about Michelle and Greg's love story. They met at Whiskey Republic (now Fish&Co.) and we were able to capture a few photos of them sitting at the bar where they met. I learned that their ceremony will be over fresh water to pay homage to Greg's favorite activity, fresh water bass fishing and I got to cuddle Jefe between shots! Greg and Michelle are both young, hard working professionals whose love was palpable from the moment I shook their hands. I loved joking with them and getting all the "first time camera jitters" out of the way- another reason why engagement sessions are so necessary! But it also gave them a chance to meet me, get to know how I operate, get familiar with someone giving you prompts on how to get the best photos (when I told them to do a "toothy kiss" was probably a favorite moment because it is by far one of the most awkward prompts yet it yields some amazing results!)

Overall, the slideshow above speaks for itself! I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as myself and the stunning, sweet couple in it.


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