• Amanda Guarino Blais

Jen, Andrew and Natalie's In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

Newborn photography isn't something I do- as in, the super adorable, props, swadles, etc posed newborn photos. However, lifestyle newborn photos I AM 100% HERE FOR! Ugh, I just LOOOOOOVE capturing a new family, in their home, enjoying their newest addition(s)! There's something so authentic about it that makes me feel all the feelings.

When my amazing client Jen asked me if I could capture some photos of their sweet baby girl Natalie, I couldn't wait! I had this whole moodier vision of what exactly I wanted to capture and boy oh boy, they delivered! Plus, a baby, puppies- what's not to love here?!

Enjoy all the cuteness!

(Warning: I am not responsible for anyone catching baby fever after viewing these images!)

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