• Amanda Guarino Blais

Fall photos- everything you need to know!

Well, maybe not EVERYTHING but at least a few good tips to make the most out of your portrait session!

-When's the best time?

For me, it's *Golden Hour* hands down! What's golden hour you ask? It's the hour prior to sunrise/sunset right when the light is at it's most flattering. The added bonus to shooting during golden hour- you can capture some pretty amazing sunset shots as well! The trickiest thing about golden hour is knowing WHEN it is. Luckily for you, I have an app that tracks it daily!

-What should I/We wear?

This is one thing that I cannot stress enough- coordinate your colors, DON'T match them! Patterns, if one or two people in the family are wearing patterns, try to keep the rest of the family in solids. If you're having an engagement/couples session, just keep one person in a pattern and the other in a solid. If all else fails, a basic black dress and a cute hat or jeans, a simple top and a cardigan paired with boots always wins! Neutrals, denim and cream tones all are great go-to's! Try to stay away from "trendy" looks and stick with more classic styles. Amazon is a great place to grab some cute items on a budget! (and better yet, you don't have to gather up the entire family and head to the mall!)

-What to avoid?

Bold/bright colors as they can cast hues onto the skin (bright reds, oranges, greens in particular). Try softer tones of merlot, burnt orange and sage. Too many accessories- keep the jewelry simple and understated. Don't go overboard on the hair/makeup, keeping your look as close to your daily self will not only help your photos be more authentic, but also help you feel like YOU (which can be hard with a camera present).


I have a few favorites! But I always ask my clients what kind of vibe they're going for. Are you looking for a beach? City? Woodsy? Soft. tall grass? Don't worry, I've got you covered! From Cumberland to Narragansett and everywhere in between, we can make your dreams a reality!

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