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Hi! I am Amanda, the owner and photographer behind Am.B Photography!  Let's get to know each other!

I am a natural introvert but when you get to know me I can be the life of the party.  I love spending my time outdoors, especially in the nice weather.  You can often find me running, biking, hiking, swimming....you get the picture- I am basically a puppy- I love exercise and snacks.  But don't let my active side fool you because I love a good lazy day hanging out with some Netflix while I cuddle my dog and cat.  I am a lover of red wine, craft beer and a good cup of coffee so on weekends where I am not photographing, I like to try out new spots for all 3.

I am married to my forever adventure partner and together we raise his daughter in our home in Cumberland.


What can you expect in a session with me?  Well, that all depends- if you bring along a baby- fur or human- I will likely spend the first 5 minutes fawning over them.  If you're doing a boudoir session, get ready to be hyped up more than Beyoncé, and if it's a couples session or portrait session, I will give you all the guidance and prompts to get the photos that suit you best!

And for my Happily Ever After couples, rest assured we will have a blast!  My job on your special day isn't just to capture breathtaking portraits, but to make sure you get the photos without sacrificing the time at your own party!  There will be just enough camera to create those posed, wall worth portraits but even more candid, unique-to-you shots that will make your wedding unlike any other.


So what're your next steps?? Click the "Contact Me" below and be ready to make a friend!  I will promptly return your inquiry and we will get to creating a one of a kind experience tailored to you and your needs.  


"Photography is the beauty of life captured"


Let's chat!

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As a creative mind, I am not partial to the "one size fits all" standard packages you may see with others.  To me, capturing your moments is more intimate and deserves a customized option.

I love to get to know all my clients and create custom packages based on their needs to fulfill their vision.  What works for one doesn't always work for the next.

My packages for weddings start at $1500 but my average client spends about $2500.

My Portrait Sessions are $250 an hour and my Family Sessions start at $275.

Contact me today to create YOUR perfect package!  

Based in Cumberland, RI

Available for travel




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